Management Principles



Contribute to the welfare of employee and the public.



Policy of quality and environment


Endeavoring to develop continuously by technical innovation and efficiency of system.

Contribute to the society by improving customer satisfaction.

Observe law on environment strictly

 Promote an environment protection activity by all the staff. 



Message from President

Because of the growth of emerging countries, distribution of companies worldwide has been changed. Accepting the change, company management with firm policy is required.


Not to mention the attitude that pursue high-performance and high quality product, recently we do our best to satisfy customers all over the world with proposing new products and joint development by changing views to watch customers.


Standing on the spirit of craftsmanship “Takumi” fostered in small-medium sized enterprise city, Higashi Osaka, assimilating modern management, flying towards the world, dreaming of becoming a company loved all over the world., we have a hopeful future.

We all mankind hope peaceful happy life, To realize the hope, we contribute to the welfare of employee and the public through our business.





Company Profile

      Company Name:     Daiwakaseishoji Co., Ltd.
  Incorporation   March,1982
  Capital:   JPY 50 million
  Representative Director:   Masaya Bessho
  Bank   Risona Bank Higashi Osaka Branch
  Head office:  

2-80, Aramotoshinmachi, Higashi Osaka, Osaka

 Tel: 81-6-6784-1725


1832, Ikari, Minamiawaji city, Hyogo



2-80, Aramotoshinmachi, Higashi Osaka, Osaka

 Tel: 81-6-6784-1725

  Distribution Center:  

2-80, Aramotoshinmachi, Higashi Osaka, Osaka

Tel: 81-6-6784-1725



  Technical Dept:  

1832, Ikari, Minamiawaji city, Hyogo



Company History

      March,1982     Established in Nishi-Ku, Osaka city with capital of JPY 5.5 million
  Sept, 1986:   Head office was moved to Tennoji-Ku, Osaka city
  Mar, 1988:   Opened Awajji Factory
  Apr, 1993:   Trade mark for over laminating film “Non Sepa” was registered.
  May,1995:   Increased capital to JPY 10 million.
  Jan, 1997:   Head office was moved to Higashi Osaka City
  Oct, 2000:   Increased capital to JPY 20 million
   Nov,2002:   Received Osaka prefecture Management Innovation approval

Received approval of Management Innovation support project for small and medium sized enterprise.

  Mar,2004:   Trade mark for air-free adhesive coated product “Broad Tack” was registered.
  Jun, 2004:   Has received ISO-9001:2000 certificate.
  Aug,2006:   “Non Sepa” has been approved as No.1 product by Higashi Osaka city.
  Apr,2007   Has received ISO-14001 certificate.
  Oct, 2007:   Received Osaka Prefecture Management Innovation approval
  Oct, 2008:   Masaya Bessho becomes Representative director
  Aug,2009:   Borad Tack has been approved as only-one product by Higashi Osaka city.
  Oct, 2010:   Increased Capital to JPY 50 million
  Apr, 2010:   Received an approval of new field development company